Racing on Fridays at 7:30 PM
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2016 Rules
IMCA Sport Compact
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MCRA Pickups

Murray County
Racing Association
Hall of Fame

Class of 2016
Jim Lange
Milen Lange

Class of 2015
Clyde Krog

Class of 2014
Joe LeTendre

Class of 2013
Jeff Erickson
Russ Winter

Class of 2012
Jim Gillette

Class of 2011
Jerry Gronewold
Troy Winter
Ron Luitjens
Fred Widboom
Steve Malherek

Class of 2010
Dave Baack
Earle Linder
Rande Johnson
Gary Muecke
Roger Tyrrell



The races at the Murray County Speedway are canceled for tonight. Because of the amount of rain received yesterday and the lack of drying conditions this morning, no work has been able to be done on the track yet, this morning.

Friday Sept 2nd Feature Winners

MCRA Pickups - Jon Johnek

IMCA Sport Compacts - Tori Groebner

IMCA Hobby - Dan Strandberg

IMCA Sport Mods - Devon McMartin

IMCA Stock Car - Shaun Bruns

IMCA Modified - Tyler Limoges

2016 Hall of Fame Inductees
Jim & Milen Lange



Email Address

 Murray County Racing Association Board of Directors
Aaron Betz
Bruce Bertrand
Doug Tuin
Chad Muecke
Levi Ossefoort

Please call Aaron Betz
on questions

All IMCA Tech Questions, Please call
Steve Malherek
Tech Man for the
Murray County Speedway